Hi, My name is Tony a twenty-nine boy. I work as a hair stylist and hair dresser and on this my blog, I share my experiences, some tips and tricks to do more with your natural and black hair.

As you can see, I focus about mainly on hair care tips and how to choose the right flat iron. This is because I usually get the same questions from my friend: what is the best flat iron for my natural hair, what is the best way to curl and straighten my hair and are certain brands really cheap price (I am looking at you HSI PROFESSIONAL).

My sister told me: You should launch a blog to help more people in the world find the best flat iron on the market for their needs. I installed a website and after I posted a article about choosing the best flat iron for your hair. It was really great to hear from all of you have contacted me to say that my tip helped you find the right flat iron.

Enjoy the blog and let me know if you have any questions!

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