How to keep your mattress fresh?

It is a fact that, we spend one third of our lifetime on a bed. So, isn’t it necessary to have a nice and fresh bed? Basically, I think a good amount of investment is required where you’re spending such a huge time. For that reason, it is very important to keep your bed odor free and fresh looking all the time.  Whenever the question comes about cleansing, we can easily wash our sheet. But, what about the mattress?

How to keep your mattress fresh?

You cannot just wash it like a regular cloth sheet. So, to keep it fresh, you need to take some extra care. After reading this article, you will have a clear idea on how to keep your mattress fresh.

The first thing you can do is to let the mattress dry under the sun. When it is mandatory to remove the smell from the mattress, you must put it under the sun. Do it in between a couple of weeks. It will give off bad odor and provide your mattress a fresh scent. It must be done after the winter season when there will be warm weather outside.

The second thing is the baking soda treatment. It is very useful way to make your mattress look fresh. After a long winter season, your mattress may look dull. The process of baking soda treatment starts with using five spoons of oil or perfume to a cup of baking soda. Apply this to the top of the mattress and make sure that it is distributed properly over the mattress. Now wait for around one hour. After it sets up, use the vacuum cleaner to suck up those things. This is helpful to sustain the freshness for a longer period.

baking soda treatment for mattress

Thirdly, stop sleeping at the edge because it damages the end of the mattress. You can even try to alter the front side of the bed to rear side or you can turn around whole mattress. Using the alternative side of the mattress will help to keep your mattress fresh for a long time. It enables your mattress to distribute the pressure all over it.

You can also use a hot air blow to your mattress. It will remove the dust from your mattress. It will kill, if there are any germs available. Or you can just expose it to normal air. It will look fresh by getting fresh air. Also, you can try some scent like vanilla and lavender for a fresh smell. Use the type of scent which will make you feel comfortable when you sleep.

Lastly, pull off your mattress cover. Every day before sleeping, try to pull off your mattress cover completely and wait for 30 minutes minimum. It will help to prevent the moisturization of your bed. At least do this thrice in a week. This thing will keep your mattress abstain from germ infection and will provide good smell.

Follow these things to get a long lasting fresh look from your mattress. Usually it will last for 5-6 years with a fresh look. So, be happy if it serves you this much. Online stores are great way of buying great mattresses if you are struggling with finding one, why don’t have look around and get the thing you like most. I bet, you’ll surely have a moment of pleasure. Here: you can choosing the right mattress and read more information about how to keep your mattress fresh? or from this video below.